When I talk about Yoga, I’m talking about that all-inclusive journey of life. From the practical tools, to strengthening the mind, body and spirit, to managing our emotions in a way that allows them to flow freely so we can become unstuck.  

My name is Darci. I was born to parents, who were wild and free. I grew up similarly and surrounded by nature. In fact,
I felt closer to nature than I did any human being.

It wasn’t until I took a daunting leap of faith from the consistent weekly paycheck into the inconsistent reality of running my own business of teaching yoga and running yoga retreats that I would stay in one job for more than two years. For 11 years, I wandered most corners of the globe. I worked in bars, hospitality, photography, making and selling jewelry, and teaching drumming and fire twirling on the side. I had fun, but it was indulgent, crazy and chaotic.

For most of my life I have been nomadic and turbulent. I searched by studying different methods including, Reiki and NLP, crystal and color therapy with leaps across to floristry and a masters in scuba diving. Although I use a lot of these methods in my current practice, back then nothing really stuck. I needed more science. More tangible and practical tools, as well as answers to my unrelenting questions.

After an awful car accident where I ended up with a shattered body and self-medicating to ease the pain: The pain from a broken body, spirit and heart that started to heal through the practice of yoga. The benefits were crystal clear and I was inspired to make my way to India, yoga’s homeland. I hired an apartment on the beaches of Arambol and nailed my first Teacher Training in the form of a 30-day intensive. I went in thinking I wasn’t interested in teaching and it was more for developing my personal practice. The start of my yoga teaching journey was inevitable. The message was strong and took its hold. I walked out of that training a teacher, and into a lifelong career.

In 2011, I found my teacher Mark Togni, a Zazen, Ashtanga Practitioner and ordained Buddhist monk, with whom I still to this day have monthly private sessions with. It is from him that I learnt and continue to learn what it means to be a great teacher. Being a teacher is not about giving answers.  It’s about inviting those who are lost into understanding they have everything within. A great teacher is the one who hands the reins back to those who feel lost. I believe in this unbroken lineage of teacher to student with my whole heart because I feel it quite literally, saved my life.

In 2016, alongside my teacher, I would attend my first week long silent retreat, which would further solidify my unshakable faith in this method. It became my yearly ritual, which has hit the pause button while I became a mother to my son: the daily method of sitting continues in those early hours before he wakes.  

I have facilitated numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings before writing my own: a potent method that cultivates grace, strength and courage and has been passed down a powerful and unbroken lineage.
We roll our mat out, we practice.

We cultivate strength, grace and balance.

We roll our mat back up and the Asana stops, but really the practice just begins…

This is the practice that continues long after we roll our mat up and put it away.

Specializing in technical alignment and verbal adjustments is my thing. This teaching style, which is accessible to the total beginner and can deepen the more experienced yogi’s practice, will enable you to rhythmically explore the layers of your body, so you can consciously dissolve tension and also feel into the origin of your discomfort.

I am super passionate about delivering the philosophy of Yoga in a way that is interesting, practical, simple and accessible. These teachings are for everybody, and are conveyed in a way that meets you exactly where you are.

Yoga has the ability to shake things up in the most beautifully profound way. I love sharing intimately in a raw and uncensored way how yoga has changed my life, and how it can undoubtedly change yours.

This practice works in an extraordinary way. It's simple and effective and you will cultivate a deep and unshakable faith.

It is my interchangeable nature that has me teaching from different angles, including events, retreats and teacher trainings. The events are born from my love of live music and having fun fusing yoga’s teachings in collaboration with some of my favorite musicians like AndyDub, Dubarray and Sky Eater.

Retreats are a yearly event, where we get to dive deeper into restoring our bodies and minds on a cellular level in an environment that is nurturing, nourishing and spacious. Finally, of course, my love of Yoga Teacher Training where we dive right in to the heart of it all embodying the entire practice on a much deeper, eye opening and soul nourishing level.