Darci specialises in technical alignment and verbal adjustments. Her teaching style is accessible to the total beginner and will deepen the more experienced yogi's practice. You will learn how to rhythmically explore the layers of your body, so you are able to consciously dissolve tension and feel into the origin of your discomfort.

Darci has a unique way in delivering the philosophy of yoga that is interesting, practical, simple and accessible. These teachings are for everybody, and are conveyed in a way that meets you exactly where you are at. You will be inspired to continue your yoga practice, long after you roll your mat up and put it away.
More About Darci
“Yoga saved my life. It enables me to find peace, gratitude and understanding in
even the darkest moments.”
The thing that has always struck me about Darci is her authenticity. Her words and even the way that she’d go about saying them would have me nodding yes that’s totally it while lying in savasana. Darci has the ability to relate to all members of the class because she is the essence of REAL. There’s no BS. This has benefited me greatly.
- Sarah Reid