At AYTT we offer practical and grounded teachings in how to become a confident and authentic yoga teacher.
Expand upon your existing teaching skills, or simply deepen your knowledge and embodiment of the practice. In both our in-studio and online yoga teacher trainings, we invite you into all facets of yoga so that the teachings become a part of your life.

You will develop a personal practice, reset and recondition unconscious patterns and habits, and gain an understanding of yoga philosophy so you can apply it in today's modern world and help others do the same. Our trainings support your personal development as much as they support your practice and your teaching.  

Our yoga teacher trainings are accredited by the global governing body, Yoga Alliance. This means that whether you decide to study with us face to face, or online, on completion you will be able to teach yoga anywhere around the world.
This training is all about self discovery
Gain a practical and valuable tool set to propel your own practice and learn the skills to become an authentic and confident yoga teacher.
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