Darci specialises in technical alignment and intricate verbal adjustments.
Her teaching style is accessible to the total beginner and can deepen the more experienced yogi’s practice: it will enable you to rhythmically explore the layers of your body, so you can consciously dissolve tension and also feel into the origin of your discomfort.

Darci is super passionate about delivering the philosophy of yoga in a way that is interesting, practical, simple and accessible. These teachings are for everybody, and are conveyed in a way that meets you exactly where you are.

Whether you are in a flow class or a more restorative practice, you will be given plenty of options to adapt to where your body is at on any given day. All classes are layered in a way that includes everyone, giving options to support all physical and mental realms.

Gold Coast Classes

Mondays & Tuesdays - Vinyasa Yoga
Miami Yoga Room 1924 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220
Class description:
This Vinyasa yoga class has a steady rhythm and pace, allowing time in each posture to feel into your alignment. Loads of options are given, embracing all levels of practice. Pranayama, Meditation and philosophy are woven into the class inviting you to dive into the heart of the practice.

Tuesdays - Yin Yoga + Meditation
Miami Yoga Room 1924 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220
Class description:
Cultivate mindfulness, expand your awareness and practice a method that will increase clarity, steadiness, peace and unwavering trust in the process. Postures are held for up to five minutes to release tension from the connective tissues and to give plenty of time and space to create a deeper breath, helping you to be able to handle more of the grit that life tends to throw our way. This class will invite you deeper into the realm of seated meditation - a practice that will make you better at every single thing that you do. This class is slow, steady, prop heavy and floor based.

Online Classes

Coming in 2022
Sundays 9-10am
From the comfort of your own home
Class description:
This is a Vin Yin class that can be taken from the comfort of your own home.  We will start with a Vinyasa practice that will be alignment focused, fluid, strong and heat building before leading into a floor based practice with long and nourishing holds. This class included Pranayama, meditation and is woven with philosophical teachings. All levels of practice are welcome.

Sundays - Online Chair Yoga
10:30-11am / 11:15-11:45am
The Virtual Senior Centre, Feros Care
Class description:
These half an hour, online chair yoga, meditation and breathing classes are part of a diverse range of online activities designed to bring together seniors from across Australia to connect with each other from the comfort of their home.

To join this wonderful community, reach out to
vsc@feroscare.com.au or 1300085181.
Wave Yoga + Living, 480 Casuarina Way, Casuarina
Class description:
This class is a heat building, vinyasa flow class that cultivates strength, courage and balance. We work systematically towards a chosen peak posture, before winding down using the breath and meditative movement.

No bookings necessary

Upcoming Events

Darci is known for her colourful language, lighthearted nature, oversharing and having the ability to meet you exactly where you are at. All workshops are accessible for the complete beginner, through to the more advanced yoga practitioner. There is something for every-body.

Please reach out with any questions or bookings to darci@aytt.yoga

Free Yoga Classes (Coomera)

'I am' Healing Gifts
1/7 De Barnett St, Coomera QLD Australia 4209
Saturday 26th Feb 2022 7-8am (with Darci)
Saturday 5th March 2022 7-8am (with Evie)
We're super excited to be landing in what will be our AYTT yoga home this year and have decided to put on a couple of free classes to celebrate and to meet this wonderful community!

All levels of practice welcome - from beginners through to more experienced practitioners.

Space is limited - Please book via email, text or phone

0432 716 143

Primary Series with Alicia & Darci

Investment: $35
Wave Yoga + Living, Kingscliff
Shop 12/60 Marine Parade, Kingscliff NSW 2487
Saturday 12th March 10:30-12:30 (NSW time) 9:30-11:30 (QLD time)
The primary series of Ashtanga yoga is a specific sequence of postures, linked together with vinyasa sequences. Alicia will lead the class and Darci will move around offering adjustments.

To book, simply transfer payment into the following account and send your name and proof of payment via email or phone.

0432 716 143

Darci Cole-Ensor
ACC 15018148
BSB 638 060

Cultivating Steadiness

two workshops
one ON the mat & one OFF the mat

On The Mat $15 / Off The Mat $20
'I am' Healing Gifts
1/7 De Barnett St, Coomera QLD Australia 4209
Sunday 13th March 2022
9-10:15am - On The Mat
10:30am-12pm - Off The Mat

Cultivating Steadiness On The Mat
Investment: $15

The first one Cultivating Steadiness (ON THE MAT) is a 75 minute class that will give you the tools to be able to fine tune your ability to focus and make decisions with clarity. We will learn how to use these tangible practices, accessible to all, to enable us to find a sense of peace and trust in even the most challenging of processes.

Cultivating Steadiness Off The Mat
Investment: $20

Our second workshop, Cultivating Steadiness (OFF THE MAT) is an extension of our formal practice. We dive into the heart of yoga and into our own hearts to explore what holds us back and gets in the way of our peace.

This open and casual discussion is open to anyone who has an interest in their own growth and evolution. The aim is to expand our awareness so we can take practical and simple steps towards cultivating steadiness, especially in times of stress and adversity.

Darci is a long time and dedicated student of yoga, on and off the mat. Her love lies within opening the doorway for those who feel stuck or unable to shake repetitive patterns that get in the way of one's physical, emotional and mental peace. She believes that especially in our current climate, our own steadiness is the most valuable and beneficial thing we can contribute. Darci's open, real and relaxed nature provides a safe and enjoyable place to explore our own evolution in a way that is gentle, kind, practical and effective.

To book, simply transfer payment into the following account and send your name and proof of payment via email or phone.

0432 716 143

Darci Cole-Ensor
ACC 15018148
BSB 638 060

Integrating any method or practice into our daily lives is the most important part of the practice. Here, we offer two workshops, held on the same day. These workshops are best taken together but can also be taken individually.

Free Online
Yoga Teacher Training Info Session

Online event via zoom
Saturday 19th March 2022 - 8-9am (QLD time)
Come and join us for a casual, free information session where you can expect to find all the details about our upcoming, fully accredited, online Yoga Teacher Training, starting in April 2022.

Whether you've been contemplating becoming a yoga teacher, or feel ready to dive a whole lot deeper into your yoga practice, or simply would like to join us to see if our training feels aligned for you, please come along!

Please email or phone to receive the zoom link.

0432 716 143
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