200hr Australia Yoga Teacher Training
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to become a Yoga Teacher?

You most definitely do not have to become a yoga teacher! A lot of people who join the course do so with the intention of deepening their knowledge of yoga. Some go on to have the desire to share this knowledge with others, while some will simply continue to practice and learn and maybe never teach. Whatever you decide to do is perfect for you.

Do I need to do all the assessments if I don't plan to teach Yoga?

Even if you don’t plan to become a teacher you will need to complete the assessments if you want to receive your 200 hour certification. We understand being in front of a group can be daunting however this is part of your self growth, a part you will be mentored through, and necessary to complete the course.

Dose AYTT certify me to teach anywhere in the world?

Yes! AYTT is registered with Yoga Alliance, the most trusted and recognised Yoga Teaching organisation in the world.

Am I eligible to become a registered with Yoga Alliance after receiving my certification from AYTT?

Yes, you are, which means you can teach anywhere in the world!

Will I be completely certified to teach yoga once I finish the 200hr Teacher Training Course with AYTT?

Yes! Once all of your assessments have been completed and passed through examination by the lead facilitators and you have finished all of your classes and modules you will receive your 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate.

Do I need to complete every module to receive my certification?

Yes. You are expected to be committed and show up for the entire course, these hours are compulsory to receive your 200 hour teacher training certificate. We understand that life can throw some curveballs and we are always open to working within the parameters of this, however it is essential that you complete the entire 200 hours to gain your certificate.

What style of Yoga is taught on this course?

Vinyasa Yoga is the primary style of yoga taught on this course, however, you will have access to practice different styles of yoga through workshops and classes offered throughout the training.

I am a beginner at yoga. Will I be able to complete the training?

To get the most out of the course, you need one year of practice under your belt.

I have an injury can I still join the training?

Yes, you can! In fact, you will benefit hugely and learn a lot about your own body.

What if I am sick?

Online YTT: If you happen to fall ill or are unable to attend a live Zoom session, you can watch the recording and catch up with your facilitator.

In-Studio YTT: If you are unable to attend an in-studio training day, you can make it up online.

What if I find myself struggling throughout the course?

It is inevitable that you may have times of struggle and discomfort throughout the course, this is completely normal and it is why we are here to support you! If you find difficulties arising please be open and honest with your teachers so we can help guide you through. Also remember to use the support of your peers, as we are a community who support one another through both good, and not so good, moments.

What if I don't complete all of my Asana classes within the course timeframe?

You will have a full year to complete your Asana classes, however those you take outside of the course duration will be at your own expense.

Do the online Asana classes count towards my course log?

Yes. Classes taken from the student portal can go towards your logged classes. Also, a percentage of classes can be made up at any studio, with any teacher.

How do I log into the training portal?

Access to the portal is available exclusively to students and login info is emailed to your registered email address. To log in, please go to the following links:

New Online YTT Portal: onlineportal.aytt.yoga/login

Old Online YTT Portal: www.aytt.yoga/online-training

In-Studio YTT Portal: www.aytt.yoga/student-portal-studio

I didn't receive my username and password?

Firstly, ensure you add darci@aytt.yoga to your email contacts so you don’t miss important emails and updates from us. Remember to search in the email account you provided on registration, and check your spam or junk box. Contact us if you still can’t see it in your inbox.
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